The "after remediation" results were sampled after air duct and system cleaning and installation of an ASHRAE 65 cell and a Sanuvox R3500X UV Air Purifier. The results are excellent: mold levels dropped 100%; pollen levels dropped 100%; skin cell levels dropped 99%; cellulosic levels dropped 99%; opaque particles dropped 99%; airborne particle levels .5 to 5 microns exiting air supply registers dropped 75%; and volatile organic chemical levels dropped 50%.


An air sample was taken using a high volume air sampling pump. The impaction spore trap sampling and direct microscopic analysis method employed is commonly used for environmental evaluation of airborne aero-allergens (mold, pollen, insect parts, etc.)

**Supply Sample Total Mold Spores (Cts/m3): 4,020 Cts/m3 BEFORE

Alternaria: 196 Cts/m3
Aspergillus/Penicillium: 98 Cts/m3
Ascospores: 294 Cts/m3
Basidiospore: 588 Cts/m3
Cladosporium: 1,961 Cts/m3
Other Hyaline Fungi: 294 Cts/m3
Unidentified Fungi: 588 Cts/m3

**After Remediation Supply Air Sample Total Mold Spores (Cts/m3): None Detected AFTER

Alternaria: None detected
Aspergillus/Penicillium: None detected
Ascospores: None detected
Basidiospore: None detected
Chaetomium: None detected
Cladosporium: None detected
Dreschelera/bipolaris: None detected
Smuts/Myxomycetes: None detected
Other Hyaline Fungi: None detected
Unidentified Fungi: None detected
Hyphae Fragments: None detected

"Clean" buildings will have a total mold spore count below 2,000 Cts/m3. If indoor amplification of mold is present, Penicillium, Aspergillus, and Cladosporium levels will be between 5,000-10,000 Cts/m3.

**Supply Air Sample for Total Pollen CtS/M3: 60Cts/m3 BEFORE

**After Remediation Supply Air Sample for Total Pollen Cts/m3: None detected AFTER

Individuals with pollen allergies may begin to exhibit symptoms when airborne concentrations exceed approximately 50Cts/m3.


Volatile organic chemicals (VOCs) are an important class of indoor contaminants. Their sources are modern materials and activities, such as glues, resins, insulations, carpeting, and cleaners. Adverse health effects of VOCs include mucous membrane irritation, headaches, and neuropsychological dysfunctions.

Qualitative Scale:

High: 1,200 and above
Medium: 800 to 1,200
Low: 800 and below

**Indoor TVOC Average: 1,612 BEFORE
**After Remediation Indoor TVOC Average: 813 AFTER


Samples from air entering and exiting the heating\cooling system are taken to identify fungal concentrations in building environment and duct system.

Qualitative Scale:

High: 11 CFUs and above
Medium: 6 CFUs to 10 CFUs
Low: 5 CFUs and below

**Supply mold and fungal levels: 44 CFUs BEFORE
***Return mold and fungal levels: 27 CFUs BEFORE

**After Remediation Supply mold and fungal levels: 2 CFUs AFTER
***After Remediation Return mold and fungal levels: 10 CFUs AFTER