Patented Portable UV Purifier ideal for offices or for those who do not have a forced air system.

 Designed to destroy workplace contaminants such as Biochemical and VOC's which are the leading cause of Sick Building Syndrome.

R3500X Light Commercial In-Duct

Light Commercial UV Purifier employing Sanuvox Patented System designed to destroy Bio-chemial contaminants which travel 

throughout the HVAC system. Will treat up to 3500 square feet.

C2000X Commercial In-Duct

A larger more powerful version of the R3500X designed to treat 2000 cfm.The C2000X is a perfect solution for Sick Building Syndrome, destroying the biochemical contaminnats travelling through a commercial HVAC system. For applications greater than 2000 cfm, multiple                                      C2000Xs can be used.


MB500X Office Ceiling Tile Mount UV Air Purifier

Innovative design for office and classroom purification. Space saving 24" x 24" self contained design easily installs in the opening of a 

suspended ceiling. Quietly purifies an area up to 500 square feet using the patented Sanuvox process.


S1000FX Filter-UV Air Purifier

The S1000FX is a combination UV-Filter Air Purifier. The S1000FX is designed to destroy the harmful pollutants and odors resulting                         from cigarette smoke and other chemical and biological contaminants.

Ideal for smoking applications such as bars, restaurants, casinos, bingo halls and prisons. With the optional Clean Room Option,                           the S1000FX is equipped with a HEPA filter and an additional Germicidal Lamp.

UV Bio-Wall Induct UV Purifier

The UV Bio-Wall provides a “barrier wall” of Germicidal UV Energy which will destroy virtually any biological contaminant which                     would pass through it. The Bio-Wall is the only Purifier on the market which can treat 100% of the air in the entire duct at one time.          

UV COIL CLEANERS (Designed to destroy mold on coils) 

  CoilClean 2020G

The CoilClean 2020G are a pair of "L" shaped coil cleaners designed for installation in front of Commercial HVAC Coils. The CoilClean                  2020G employs Patented Sanuvox Technology to keep the coil free from biological contaminants including mold and fungus.

CoilClean RT for Roof Top Package Units

The Sanuvox CoilClean RT is specifically designed for exterior rooftop HVAC units. The CoilClean RT employs Patented Sanuvox                  Technology to keep the a/c coil free from biological contaminants including mold and fungus.

CoilClean B30X UV Air Purifier / CoilCleaner for Bard Wall Mount HVAC Units

The CoilClean B30X uses UV-C and UV-V Energy to destroy biochemical contaminants such as mold, mildew, fungus spores,

 formaldehyde, solvents and secondhand smoke. The B30X will also irradiate viruses and bacteria such as legionella, tuberculosis                     and meningitis to name a few.

ROOM AIR and surface uv sanitizer 


         PENTA UV Bio-Wall

Inspired by the success of the UV Bio-Wall, the PENTA is designed for air and surface sterilization in unoccupied areas.                                 Housed in a stainless-steel cabinet, 5 Germicidal UV-C Quartz Lamps attached to 5 anodized parabolic reflectors will                                              destroy biological contaminants such as bacteria, viruses, germs and mold.

Applications include: hospitals, clinics, laboratories, clean rooms, operating rooms, 

food processing, sterile-rooms,