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Effects of Ultraviolet Air Purification on the

Air Quality in Hospitals and Clinics

       Case Studies



All Sanuvox Purifiers are 3rd Party Tested. 
We take pride in our continuing investment into Research and Development.
Sanuvox Studies are the definitive Research Tool used to show the effectiveness
of UV on Indoor Air Quality.
We have six studies available to you.
Two are University Studies, including our latest which was published in the Lancet and three are from              Independent IAQ Testing Facilities.

All studies were performed with Sanuvox UV Purifiers. 

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First study of its kind to measure both reduction in Mould and Sick Building Symptoms.

A quarter of a million dollar double blind, multiple cross-over study using Sanuvox UV Purifiers showed:

99% reduction of microbial and endotoxin concentrations

40% reduction in respiratory symptoms

20% reduction in all symptoms


The UV Bio-Wall installed in the Natromed Medical Facility indicated airborne mould within the Medical

Facility to be 1 - 3 orders of magnitude lower (10 times to 1000 times) than the sample results

for the Initial Air Sampling Event prior to the installation of the Sanuvox UV Bio-Wall.  


The Capistrano Unified School District reduces Indoor Air contaminants by

66% using Sanuvox Ultraviolet Air Purifier


A reduction of 80% of tuberculoses in a Sputum Induction

Room of a Chest Institute.    

Benefits of UV on Mould and Yeast           

Independent study           

 *More research studies will be available on-line.

Continually check for the latest in Sanuvox studies.