UV Food Odour Removal

Food Odour Removal

 Nato NSN Products

 Premises Types

1.   Restaurants

2.   Factories

3.   Shops

4.   Takeaways

5.   Offices

Complaints about food odours continue to worry Environmental Health Officers and premises owners. We have a number of solutions from a small portable unit to full ventilation systems:-


Portable unit with Fan

Odour and Germicidal



MB500x ceiling

Portable unit with Fan

Odour and Germicidal





Quattro inline in duct UV

For applications that have ventilation system in place we remove odour using  ozone and then we then remove any excess ozone. Compared to using traditional carbon filters this approach requires

  • less air flow

  • less space

  • less energy

An opportunity to eliminate odours and reduce you company's carbon footprint.

Quattro (below) in a Fish Factory for odours complaints and germicidal, bacteria removal 






Biowall 30", 40", 60 "

For large duct installations such as typically found in chemical companies, food manufacturers, government buildings, NATO, and drug companies, we usually recommend the Biowall products. These are the only inline induct UV systems in the world, patented.

Although some companies may promote 'object' or 'stick' air purifiers and install them in the side of a duct, they are not really suited to treat flowing air. Biowall in contrast is designed precisely to the treatment of moving air and we have installations in excess of 7 cubic metres a  second  airflow with sensors that turn on lamps as the contamination levels increase.


Biowall brochure