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Residential UV Air Purifiers 


P800GX Portable High Efficiency Air Purifier

R1500X High Efficiency In-Duct Air Purifier

R3500X High Efficiency In-Duct Air Purifier

P1250X/R1500X/R3500X Product Page


Commercial UV Air Purifiers

C2000X High Efficiency Induct Air Purifier

MB500X Office Ceiling Tile Mount UV Air Purifier

S1000 FX Filter-UV Air Purifier *Clean Room HEPA option


Commercial CoilClean Series (Mold Killers for Coils)

CoilClean 2020G - for Commercial HVAC Coils

CoilClean RT - for exterior rooftop HVAC units

CoilClean B30X Brochure Page 1.

CoilClean B30X Page 2, Installation Illustrations


UV Full Room Disinfection Air and Surface

Penta Unit

UV Quattro / Biowall Total Germ Warfare


Bio-Wall Page 1

Bio-Wall Page 2

Article on Effectiveness of UV duct system by

 Plumbing & HVAC Product News.